Antifa Prepares Second Attack on Tucker Carlson’s Home, Posts Posters Around DC To Rally Bullying Mob

Comes after far-left mob attacked his home last year

Image Credits: @JackPosobiec/Twitter.

A Washington D.C. Antifa chapter is threatening Tucker Carlson by plastering posters all around Washington DC with his home address ahead of another harassment operation at his home.

The group All Out DC is planning an all-out assault on conservative figures on June 6th ahead of a pro-Trump event at Freedom Plaza, targeting Carlson in particular by listing his home address on posters in a rallying cry to bully the Fox News host.

The Antifa group is also promoting their scheduled attack on Twitter, encouraging other leftists to participate to “put an end to Trump’s white supremacist fantasies.”

“Two days after Trump’s July 4th rally, the alt-right is planning a convergence in the D.C. at Freedom Plaza,” the group posted in a video clip.

“#AllOutDC is calling every one of good conscience to join us in a mobilization against the alt-right. Wherever the alt-right rallies with dozens, or hundreds, it should be met with THOUSANDS.”

Additionally, Antifa also doxxed President Trump’s advisor Stephen Miller, showing his home address on posters.

The group names other prominent conservative targets like Laura Loomer, Milo Yiannopoulos and Mike Cernovich.

Carlson was targeted in November by Antifa group Smash Racism DC, where they vandalized his home and car with graffiti, broke his oak front door, and chanted “We know where you sleep at night,” while his terrified wife and child were inside.

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