Antifa Thugs Attack Cassandra Fairbanks’ House After Her Address Was Leaked Online

"They were banging on my windows, shooting, and lighting off fireworks."

Antifa thugs attacked journalist Cassandra Fairbanks’ house last night after her address was leaked online because she vehemently criticized looters and rioters.

Ever since Fairbanks vocally denounced the chaos that has engulfed America as a result of violent Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioting, the journalist has received innumerable death threats.

That escalated last night when far-left extremists showed up outside her home as she sheltered inside with her 9-year-old daughter.

“People just showed up at my house where I’m alone with my nine year old daughter and fired gunshots and fireworks at my house,” tweeted Fairbanks. “After my address was posted online while I was receiving hundreds of death threats for 3 days. I caught the tail end when I hung up on 911 bc they said they didn’t know when they could get here because of the protests.”

“Fuck you people. They were banging on my windows, shooting, and lighting off fireworks. Lucky I couldn’t see them from my window or they would be dead,” she added.

Fairbanks said that after police arrived they found 60 tubes of fireworks or casings.

“Wow I’ve never pulled a gun out with the intent to shoot like this before. Im wide awake now. So much for sleep,” she said.

Fairbanks concluded by tweeting, “But you’re still not oppressed, rioting terrorist scum. If you were, this would be over by now” and promising herself that she would “(get) the fuck away from cities forever.”

Given everything that’s happened over the weekend, with numerous videos showing people being viciously beaten for the mere crime of not supporting the “protest,” I think we’re beginning to understand why the left is trying to remove the Second Amendment.


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