Antifa Treason Meets American Truth

Careful what you ask for Marxists.

The defund the police movement is already showing signs of being an exercise in sheer futility.

Over the weekend, the rioters in Portland, who are going on Day 100 of looting and destroying property, were met with a contingent of patriots supporting blue lives.

These patriots tend to be older, larger and adept at throwing a haymaker.

Also over the weekend, Denver, Colorado police stood their ground protecting the Denver police Department but all across downtown Denver, local reporters described “ugly scenes” of arson and vandalism.

The Antifa fools are taking their rage out on the liberal stronghold in Colorado after being thrown out of other rural areas of Colorado.

When the police have been defunded and they either stand down or aren’t even responding, what then Antifa?

Business owners, veterans of true warfare veterans, and pissed off Americans will start replacing those sworn to protect you.

In Austin, Texas Mayor Adler had his lunch handed to him.

After defunding the police to the tune of $150 million and then announcing the liberal city council would raise property taxes by 26%, the Governor froze property taxes indefinitely.

Careful what you ask for Marxists.

The only thing between you and millions of outraged Americans is the very thing you want abolished… the police.