Antifa Wannabe Attempts to Wreak Havoc at Christian Gun Shop

Agitator accuses owner of Nazism, throws Bibles at storefront

A Washington state gun shop released video of a confrontation initiated by an ‘Antifa wannabe,’ in which the individual accused the owner of being a Nazi before taking a display of free Bibles and throwing them at the storefront.

Private Sector Arms, based in Olympia, WA, has been the site of multiple cases of sabotage, according to their Facebook page, with the latest being captured on camera as patient shop owner, Don Teague, was harassed by an individual in ‘black bloc’ apparel who clearly entered the premises looking for trouble.

The video has been viewed nearly 400,000 times in one day, across multiple social media platforms, and could mark an escalation in the alt-left’s harassment of Christians and patriotic Americans, as it is likely the first case of an agitator bringing conflict to a firearms store in broad daylight.

The individual, which Teague referred to as “it” in a 911 call, immediately launches into a provocative line of questioning while behaving in a strange manner, asking Teague, “You wouldn’t do anything illegal, would you?”

“Of course not,” Teague replies. “I’m a law-abiding citizen. Aren’t you?”

“We’re all law-abiding in our own ways,” it replies, before pressing further. “Let’s see here… really, you don’t do anything illegal?”

“Nope. Do you do anything illegal? Why would you come in here and ask me that?” Teague responds, before revisiting questions that the antagonist had asked prior to the video’s commencement. “The first thing you did was ask me if I sell to k*kes. I don’t even know what that is.”

The antagonist is prompted to clarify its statement, where it indicates that it had accused Teague of refusing to sell to “Jews” because it believed that Gadsden and colonial flags hanging in the shop window were Nazi symbolism.

After declaring that it “loves Jews,” the antagonist discovers a display of free Bibles.

“You can take one of those if you want,” Teague offers. “You can read it, burn it, do whatever you want with it.”

“Really? That’s nice of you, because I would burn it,” the antagonist replies, casting doubt on their ‘love of Jews’ declaration.

“So it’s very Christian though, right?” the antagonist inquires, before asking if it can take all of the Bibles, to which Teague replies, “You go right ahead.”

After the antagonist presumably throws the Bibles out the door, Teague repeatedly asks it to leave, and after more provocative questions, the ‘Antifa wannabe’ steps outside, and begins to hurl the Bibles at the storefront and onto the roof, prompting Teague to call law enforcement.

At the conclusion of the video, Teague can be seen discreetly asking a police officer if the perpetrator is a girl, to which the patrolman replies, “It identifies as a male.”

In a Facebook post, Private Sector Arms confirms that their store may be the target of an ongoing campaign of harassment and vandalism.

A pattern of hate crime or two ignoramoses? The first one invested his own money in two colors of spray paint, gorilla glue, and french lessons assuming he wasnt financed by the haters. This last one could barely assault an inanimate object with provided religious materials. The words of God are to heavy for it to throw them on the roof. Can ya dig it?

Alt-left groups had hoped for a nationwide uprising on November 4th, with the stated goal being to force the “Trump/Pence regime” out of office. After the event fizzled out quickly and quietly, many leftists denied it had ever been planned in the first place – despite organizations like ‘’ taking out a full-page advertisement in the New York Times demanding that millions join the ‘protest movement’ in the streets.

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