AOC Spotted At Park Without Mask – Digging Through Trash

Another Dem embodying the "Rules for thee, not for me" mantra

Image Credits: Rumble.

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) was spotted at a DC park not wearing a mask, a hypocritical move considering her past promotion of facial coverings.

In footage originating on social media, Ocasio-Cortez is seen sitting at a picnic table at Garfield Park enjoying a sporting event without a mask, despite her previously criticizing Texas for lifting the mask mandate last month.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Ocasio-Cortez is later filmed rummaging through a bag on a trash bin.

In a photo taken at the park, a maskless Ocasio-Cortez smiles at the camera as two masked park-goers are seen standing behind her with their hands on their hips.

Last month, after Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) announced an end to the statewide mask mandate, Ocasio-Cortez jumped on Twitter to claim the move would endanger Texans.

“The state just endured one disaster worsened by selfishness + denial of basic science, and now conditions are being set for another,” Ocasio-Cortez tweeted.

“Repealing the mask mandate now endangers so many people, especially essential workers & the vulnerable.”

Indeed, just like Dr. Fauci, Ocasio-Cortez’s public pro-mask attitude quickly dissipates when she’s out of the public spotlight.

Fauci was spotted at a Nationals baseball game last July sitting in the bleachers with his mask down, while two people sitting near him both have their masks pulled up.

When the controversy erupted, Fauci claimed he’d merely pulled his mask down to drink water.

Despite all the drama and staged photos over children “locked in cages” during the Trump era, Ocasio-Cortez has not yet made an effort to visit South Texas to witness the border crisis.