AOC’s Impending Eviction From Congress

Could the young Democrat be out of office soon?

AOC recently learned that her seat may be squeezed out due to the open border policies she supports.

As the City reported, “A review by THE CITY, building on data and analysis by The Texas Tribune, suggests Ocasio-Cortez’ district could be particularly vulnerable to undercount because a little over a quarter of those living there are non-citizens. That’s a higher percentage than any other congressional district in the state. A Census undercount in Ocasio-Cortez’ district and elsewhere in the state could lead to the elimination of congressional districts — potentially setting off politically charged redistricting battles. New York already is on track to lose up to two congressional seats during reapportionment due to population decline and slower rate of growth, according to a December report by Election Data Services.”

The citizenship question President Trump wanted added to the Census was shot down by the Supreme Court.

As a result, President Trump tasked The Department of Homeland Security with sharing government records from its databases to help the Census Bureau produce data about the U.S. citizenship status of every person living in the country.

All U.S. states that don’t accurately complete the 2020 Census could mean the loss of congressional seats and billions of federal dollars.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports, “An analysis of the preliminary estimates released by the U.S. Census Bureau this week showed that California was one of 10 states likely to lose a congressional seat. Texas, which now has 36 representatives in the U.S. House, second behind California, is expected to gain at least three seats. Florida, now 27, is on track to gain two…. The political impact of reapportionment extends beyond Congress to presidential elections. Each state’s Electoral College votes represent the sum of its House and Senate seats.”

But that hasn’t stopped the Democrats from handing our elections over to non-citizens.

If AOC loses her district to her own United Nations brainwashing, it would occur as we get closer to the 2022 midterm elections.

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