Apple Erases Men in New Ad For iPad Pro

Quite literally erases them.

A new commercial for the Apple iPad Pro shows a man literally being erased from a photograph, prompting complaints of misandry on Twitter.

The 15 second commercial demonstrates the ability of the Apple Pencil to edit out someone from a holiday photo.

The implication is clearly that the woman is removing her ex from the image, with the words “perfecting your memories” flashing up at the end of the commercial.

“Big fan of apple’s new men are trash campaign,” tweeted Stephen Ossola, along with a clip of the ad that has racked up 2 million views.

Many people questioned why, with so many other ways of demonstrating the use of the Apple Pencil, the company chose to do so in such a divisive way.

“We are just curious about one thing,” asked Saruni Maina. “Who was the target market for this ad and if women were, would anyone actually buy the iPad and/or Apple Pencil just for the possibility of erasing your ex from your photo?”

However, others claimed that men complaining about the ad were engaging in “fragile masculinity.”

This is quite rich coming from progressives, many of whom would wet the bed and hysterically try to “cancel” Apple if it was the other way around and a woman was being deleted from the photo.

The trope of men, particularly white men, being portrayed as stupid or arrogant in commercials has been around for well over a decade.

It seems Apple is merely taking that one step further by erasing them altogether.


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