Are People Who Don’t Use Facebook More Productive?

A question for the social media age

Quitting Facebook (or at least, wanting to quit Facebook) is all the rage these days. We asked a panel of experts in networking, productivity, and workplace communication what you could give up, or gain, when you do.

Dr. Ben Waber, CEO and co-founder of Humanyze, a people analytics company that measures communication patterns

“In general, there’s no hard data showing that people who are on Facebook are more or less productive. There is an argument to be made, however, that some Facebook use at work is associated with higher performance: in one study Gloria Mark of UC Irvine showed that Facebook use at work is associated with a more positive mood at the end of the workday.

On the flip side, the same research group showed that interruptions increases stress, which in the long term has negative implications for turnover and performance. As with most things, moderation appears to be the greatest virtue.”

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