Arizona Deploying National Guard as Thousands of Illegals Swarm Border

Yuma Sector being compared to recent Del Rio crisis

Image Credits: RINGO CHIU/AFP via Getty Images.

The Arizona National Guard is being deployed to mitigate a massive surge of illegal aliens at the southern border, according to reports.

Yuma Sector Border Patrol agents were overpowered as thousands of aliens rushed the frontier on Monday.

Over 1,500 migrants illegally entered the U.S. during the border siege, the Yuma Sun reports.

“Yuma is facing an escalating humanitarian and border crisis — and it’s a direct result of the Biden administration’s poor communication, lack of organization and complete disregard for border protection,” Arizona Governor Doug Ducey tweeted on Monday.

Gov. Doug Ducey told Border Report he is “meeting with Border Patrol officials to craft a strategy to deal with the latest immigration crisis on the border. He said he would deploy tactical resources and National Guard troops to areas where the Border Patrol needs more help.”

Thousands of illegals have been gathering on the U.S. side of the border near Yuma in recent days.

“One of the reasons why this spot in the Yuma Sector is a popular crossing area is because the border wall stops just before the Cocopah Reservation,” Julio Rosas reported for Town Hall this week.

The Yuma crisis is “being compared” to a historic migrant situation that unfolded in Del Rio, Texas, in October.

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