Armed Jewelry Store Owner Thwarts Smash-and-Grab Gang

Would-be thieves flee after owner draws firearm

Image Credits: Video Screenshot.

A gang of would-be thieves was sent running after the owner of the California jewelry store they were targeting pulled a firearm, according to authorities.

The stunning episode unfolded at around 1 p.m. on Friday afternoon at Maaz Jewelers, located in the Tanforan Mall in San Bruno, CA.

Around five suspects, some carrying weapons, approached the shop as owner Usman Bhatti stood outside in the public walkway, as surveillance footage shows.

One of the suspects rushed inside and began smashing a display case with a crowbar as Bhatti ran in to confront him.

During the melee, Bhatti drew a firearm as the suspect brandished the crowbar at him.

“The male suspect ran away toward the food court area of the mall,” San Bruno Police explained in a statement. “Another male suspect from the group that was standing near the entrance to the store then pulled out a gun and pointed it at the store owner.”

“The store owner raised his own firearm and pointed it at the male suspect with the gun. The male suspect with the gun and the other males in the group turned and ran away towards the JC Penny department store.”

No firearms were discharged during the altercation.

“I’m not trying to be a hero or a macho man… It just happened very quick and I had no choice,” Bhatti, a concealed carry permit holder, told KTVU.

Police say they are seeking three black males and two males of “unknown race,” all of whom were pictured wearing face masks at the time of the crime.

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