Army Veteran Freezes to Death after Being Released from VA Hospital

He was released from a VA hospital and died in the elements. Now many are demanding answers

An Atlanta family says it was negligence that led to the death of their father, an Army veteran.

Vance Perry was found dead on New Year’s Eve in a freezing-cold parking garage in Madison, Wis.

Erika Perry hasn’t seen her father in five years. Now, she and her siblings are trying to figure out how to see him one last time — for his funeral.

Last month, Vance Perry moved from Atlanta to Madison, Wis. That’s where the Army veteran died Sunday morning.

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WATCH: Army Veteran Ken Gould knows all too well about the failures at the VA. He was sent away multiple times only to become so ill he was forced to seek private treatment, where he was told he only had 8 months to live. The VA missed an opportunity to discover his esophageal cancer and potentially prolong his life.

We regret to inform our readers Gould passed away last week.