Arsonist Burns Down Lockdown Defying Church – “Bet You Stay Home Now You Hypokrits”

Criminal defies 'stay-at-home' order to blow up a house of God

Image Credits: Fox 13.

A Mississippi church that defied the state’s lockdown orders and filed a lawsuit challenging the city of Holly Springs’ coronavirus restrictions has been burned down by what appears to be a left-wing arsonist.

“Bet you stay home now you hypokrits,” were the words spraypainted in the parking lot of The First Pentecostal Church of Holly Springs.

Investigators say an explosion blew out the front of the church, according to Fox 13.

The church’s pastor Jerry Waldrop filed a lawsuit against the city last month after police broke up their Easter service and gave the church a citation because parishioners were not social distancing.

The lawsuit said parishioners only went inside the building after rain ruined their outdoor service.

As tension over face masks, opening or closing businesses, vaccinations and other divisive topics continues to escalate, we can expect more hostility between Americans.