Artist Behind Jamie Lee Curtis ‘Pedo’ Pic Features MORE Bizarre Nude Child Content in Art Gallery

Bizarre work of photographer Betsy Schneider comes under scrutiny following accusations of pedophilia.

Image Credits:, JOHANNES EISELE / Contributor / Getty.

The photographer who snapped the disturbing photo of a young naked female child in a tub displayed on actress Jamie Lee Curtis’ wall has been revealed as photographer Betsy Schneider.

Speaking to, Schneider explained the photo, titled, “The Tub,” from 2003, merely depicts what Scandinavian kids do in Norway.

In an email to ARTnews, Schneider said of The Tub, “My kid’s dad is Norwegian, and that year we had just that year moved to Arizona from Norway. It’s what Scandinavian kids do when they are hot, they take off their clothes. Filling a plastic tub full of water, that’s what Arizona kids do when they don’t have a pool.”

Schneider said she drew inspiration from Sally Mann, whose photographs about childhood and children have garnered accolades and, periodically, some controversy. Schneider worked for Mann for a year. “With Sally I learned how to work hard and how to make art out of life and love and how to integrate work and life and art,” Schneider said. “And really most of all how being an artist meant working hard and passionately.”

Following the controversy, however, Schneider’s work has come under scrutiny with many interpreting other photos in the same gallery, titled, “Sweet is the Swamp,” as pedophilic, or as borderline child pornography.

One carefully cropped photo, titled, “Tootsie Roll Pop,” shows a naked boy who appears to have a black eye holding a lollipop.

Another photo shows another naked child with marker drawings on their body.

Yet another photo features a young naked child squatting to play with a vast puddle of water.

In another photo called, “Pit Stop,” a child’s buttocks is visible as their pants are pulled down while appearing to urinate.

Another photo in the gallery shows a boy in his underwear wearing a strange aluminum foil mask.

A boy is tied to a fence post with a yellow strap in another photo.

While several of the photos appear to contain disturbing themes, others seem innocent enough, depicting children eating ice cream, playing in a pool or drying off with towels.

Revelations of the artist’s identity come as Curtis landed in hot water earlier this week after social media users took notice of the bizarre photo displayed in her office, with many claiming the creepy wall art gave off strong pedophilic Epstein, or Podesta vibes.

Curtis a day later deleted the Instagram post, apologizing for offending people, and offered an explanation the art was “a photograph on the wall that was gifted to me 20 years ago.”

“It’s a picture of a child, taken by her mother, of her playing in their backyard in a tub of water. Nothing more, nothing less,” Curtis attempted to explain.

For many the explanation didn’t hold water, as it’s still extremely disturbing and peculiar for a photo of a naked child to be displayed anywhere, let alone in a professional office setting.

The controversy arrives on the heels of a disturbing news item concerning a gay couple in Atlanta who raped their adopted sons and solicited them for prostitution using lewd photos disseminated via social media.

Ms. Schneider did not immediately return Infowars’ request for comment.

Was the Jamie Lee Curtis controversy simply a misunderstanding, or are the pedophilic connotations in the so-called art a wink and a nod to the Epsteins of the world?

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