As Hollywood Feigns Outrage Over Gun Violence, Its Top Film Promotes It

“Most importantly, we simply need to put down the guns!”

Image Credits: Pixabay.

Despite all the tweeted outrage from virtue-signaling celebrities, Hollywood doesn’t care about your kids or gun violence.

If it did, it would clean up its own house first. It would cease promoting its endless stream of increasingly graphic violence, primarily involving guns, in its movies, TV shows, and video games. But it won’t, because Hollywood profits massively from that sort of fare.

Hollywood sheds crocodile tears over school shooting victims, but in fact it cares only about bringing down the NRA and the Second Amendment. That’s why celebrities focus their outrage over school shootings but don’t issue a single tweet of complaint over the shooting deaths, mostly of minorities, every weekend in Democrat-controlled inner cities across America — because they know the massacre of schoolchildren is a highly emotional wedge they can use to boost the profile of their own self-righteousness and to demonize law-abiding gun owners who stand by the Constitution.

Never mind the fact that such gun massacres are almost without exception carried out by either deeply mentally disturbed members of the political left or jihadists; the left will never admit that reality about such atrocities, because the left doesn’t care about past or future victims, except to the extent they can be exploited to push the agenda of repealing the Second Amendment and disarming gun-owning American citizens (except for the private security that the Hollywood wealthy hire to protect them and their families and their homes).

Even as Hollywood ramps up its calls for “common-sense gun reform” – i.e. confiscation – in the wake of the horrible Parkland High School massacre, the top box office earner is the blockbusting new superhero movie Black Panther, which Newsbusters reports is filled with violence, including 163 shootings.

[Check out an ultra-violent scene from the flick above, followed by the movie’s short trailer]

Lupita Nyong’o, who plays the hero’s love interest, advocated for gun control in the wake of the Orlando shooting, notes Newsbusters. She posted a long Instagram message which read, “most importantly, we simply need to put down the guns!”

You first, Hollywood. Perhaps if you didn’t inspire disaffected, mentally unstable teens to wage mass murder in your video games and films, then school shootings would stop.

Black Panther is “off-the-charts violent,” reports Newsbusters: “373 instances of violence within the 2-hour runtime. 163 of those were instances of gun violence. This included the standard rifle and pistol attacks, and the use of high-tech Wakandian weapons, as well.” Wakandia is the fictional setting of the film.

Another 210 violent acts involved punches, kicks, choke holds, and attacks with swords. Characters were stabbed and/or sliced by spears and knives, and (Spoiler alert) much of the climax of the movie involved a no-holds-barred fistfight between the Black Panther and his rival, Killmonger.

The climax also included a sprawling battle scene where numerous people were shot, stabbed, blown up, and also stampeded by armor-wearing rhinos. Dead bodies were shown littering the battlefield in several instances, and while it’s implied there were heavy casualties throughout the movie, the audience was shown around 20 of them.

The next time a self-righteous actor like Marvel’s The Hulk star Mark Ruffalo lectures Americans about gun violence, just remember that Hollywood needs to “put down the hypocrisy,” to paraphrase Lupita Nyong’o and leave the Second Amendment alone.