Aspiring Marine Murdered by Afghan Migrant Killer Who Was Let Into UK After Claiming to Be a Child

Image Credits: Screenshot.

An Afghan migrant, who had already killed two people before stabbing an aspiring British marine to death, was reportedly allowed to enter the UK after he claimed to be a child refugee fleeing the Taliban.

Lawangeen Abdulrahimzai, who was convicted this week of murdering 21-year-old Thomas Roberts in Bournemouth, was reportedly previously killed two other people in Serbia, had a drug-dealing conviction in Italy, and was rejected for asylum in Norway just weeks before he was permitted to enter the United Kingdom.

During the trial at the Salisbury Crown Court, it was revealed that on the night of the killing in March of last year, Roberts and a friend were on their way home when they were confronted by Abdulrahimzai who started an argument over an e-scooter before stabbing Thomas Roberts to death in the chest with a 10cm blade, The Telegraph reported.

Following his arrest, the Afghan migrant claimed that he was 16-years-old and that he had arrived in the UK as a child two years before. However, this was later proven to be a lie, and that Abdulrahimzai was in reality a 21-year-old man after dental examinations were conducted. The court heard that the illegal had a history of falsifying his age to confuse border officials and that he refused to hand over documents and statements to prove his identity.

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