Australia: Police Protect Captain Cook Statue While London Hides Winston Churchill

Aussies refuse to cave in to mob.

Image Credits: Video Screenshot.

Police in Sydney, Australia were deployed to form a ring of protection around a statue of Captain Cook, putting to shame Boris Johnson’s UK government, which capitulated by hiding Winston Churchill inside a box.

“Heavy police presence protecting the Captain Cook statue in Sydney’s Hyde Park after a last minute change of location to tonight’s Black Lives Matter protest,” tweeted journalist Emily Ritchie. “About 400 peaceful protestors marched, surrounded by a significant number of police.”

The video clip shows officers forming a protection line around the statue, which is a life-size representation of British explorer, navigator, cartographer, and captain in the British Royal Navy James Cook.

The response was very different to how Boris Johnson’s Conservative government reacted to the desecration of Winston Churchill’s statue in Parliament Square, London.

After the statue was defaced last weekend, a group of Brits attempted to congregate around the statue to protect it, but were quickly moved on by police.

The monument was then scrawled with the words “(Churchill) was a racist.” Another man caught on camera removing ‘Black Lives Matter’ signs from the monument was also harassed by police on the orders of a BLM mob.

Now the Churchill statue, as well as the Cenotaph war memorial, have been hidden inside makeshift boxes to “protect” them from the mob.

In reality, by hiding the statues from public view, the government has capitulated to the mob.


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