Australian Media Breaks Down Biden’s Dementia As U.S. Media Continues To Cover-Up Mental Decline

Image Credits: screenshot/YouTube.

Sky News ran an eye-opening segment on Joe Biden’s glaring cognitive issues on Friday, as the mainstream media continues to ignore his dementia-driven daily gaffes.

“Never before has the leader of the free world been so cognitively compromised,” said reporter Cory Bernardi. “It’s clear to me at the least that US President Joe Biden is struggling with dementia and is clearly not up to the task he’s been sworn in to do.”

“Such was the hatred of Donald Trump by the partisan and poisonous mainstream media that they chose not to highlight anything that may have derailed a Biden victory,”

“Even now after he’s been sworn in many are still refusing to speak the truth about Biden’s lack of capacity,” he added.

Bernardi pointed out Biden’s disastrous CNN town hall earlier this week, where praised China’s human rights violations, claimed blacks and Hispanics can’t use the internet, and said he prefers “children better than people.”

“The result was nothing short of a disaster…it was littered with total falsehoods,” Bernardi noted.

“It’s all rather pathetic, but even usually smart people are blinded by the nonsense put out by the mainstream media. They believe every perceived sin of Donald Trump while they seem intent on canonizing St. Joe.”

Meanwhile, the U.S. mainstream media has been ignoring Biden’s obvious mental decline for months, accusing anybody who brings it up of being a conspiracy theorist.

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