Australian Police Pepper Spray Group Of Teenage Girls For Shopping Without Masks

Many of the arresting officers were not wearing masks either!

Image Credits: Chrissy3636 Rumble Screenshot.

In the latest example of Australia’s police state, a group of young people filmed as they were attacked and arrested by police for not wearing face masks while shopping.

“My sister’s arrested for shopping for food with no mask and there’s people walking around with no mask,” said the girl behind the camera.

As the young lady continued filming, more police officers arrived and some were not wearing their masks.

A tussle broke out after officers moved in to handcuff one of the girls in the maskless group.

“They have my brother on the floor for nothing,” the teen girl filming said as officers fell to the floor with the young boy.

A woman in the group yelled, “They pepper-sprayed a 12-year-old!”

A police officer then came up to the young girl filming the incident and said, “I’ll arrest you too.”

At this point, the mother of the children grabbed the camera and berated the police for their behavior.

“Lawyers will love this. New South Wales Police. They call themselves cops,” the mother responded.

One of the handcuffed young women screamed and kicked as officers forced her into a small paddy wagon.

While filming the girl being crammed into the vehicle, a maskless officer waved for the mom to back up and she asked, “What’s your name officer with no mask? See, no mask but they’re arresting my daughter for no mask.”

“Step back ma’am,” another maskless officer said as he approached the woman from behind.

She replied, “Oh, another one with no mask. You’re in my space.”

“Yes,” the officer said. “That’s right. We told you to get back. You’re going to get arrested if you hinder our investigation.”

Stepping up to the woman’s face, another officer asked, “Where’s your mask?”

Every day footage of the Australian police state is posted online, and it should serve as a warning beacon to Americans and Europeans as this tyranny is coming to their doorsteps next.

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