Australian Populist Party Truck ‘Torched’ After Shock Election Surge

Party leader says conservatives being terrorized by leftists

Image Credits: Screenshots.

A truck advertising candidates of an upstart nationalist-populist Australian party went up in flames in what police are calling a “suspicious” fire following elections results that shocked the country and enraged leftists.

The billboard vehicle was reportedly parked outside a shopping center in Hobart, Tasmania, while One Nation candidate Adam Lambert was inside buying groceries.

One Nation founder Pauline Hanson posted video of the truck fire to social media, asserting that a suspicious person had been seen setting it alight.

“Isn’t it amazing how the left call for tolerance all the time, but act like they’re above the law when you don’t agree with their ideologies,” Hanson wrote on Facebook. “Our One Nation truck in Tasmania was parked outside a shop while our senate candidate went inside to buy some groceries and someone was seen torching it before fleeing.”

“This is what the left do to conservative parties. Yesterday one of our volunteers was bashed and called a ‘white dog’ because he asked a man to stop wrecking our signs in Cowan.”

“I’m concerned about where politics is heading in this country,” she concluded.

Tasmania Police are now investigating the blaze and treating it as “suspicious,” according to a spokesperson.

Another incident involving a One Nation campaign volunteer unfolded hours earlier in the Sydney suburb of Cowan, as Hanson mentioned in her post.

“A One Nation volunteer has allegedly been attacked at a polling station in the seat currently held by the country’s first Muslim woman elected to federal parliament,” The Australian reports.

“A One Nation volunteer has been targeted in a random racist attack in Ann Aly’s seat of Cowan,” tweeted Senator Peter Georgiou alongside photos of a bloodied man. “He was allegedly called a ‘white dog and attacked by a violent family of 5. Police are at the scene.”

While the Labor Party suffered a crushing setback in weekend elections, One Nation doubled its vote share from 2016, siphoning votes from leftist-globalist factions in an election that some are saying was more poorly predicted by so-called analysts and media than the 2016 U.S. presidential race.

Tommy Robinson has released new footage of his campaign being attacked by gangs of young Muslim men who threw rocks at women and children.

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