Australian TV Host Declares: ‘I’m Done With The Vaccines’

Today Show host Karl Stefanovic doubts benefits of additional Covid jabs after taking two doses.

Image Credits: Twitter screenshot.

An Australian television show host turned heads for claiming he’s done taking Covid jabs after initially being convinced to receive two doses.

On Tuesday, Today Show host Karl Stefanovic discussed new recommendations from the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunization (ATAGI) claiming adults are “eligible” for a FIFTH Covid jab – in other words a third booster dose.

“As you know, I’m not a glowing ambassador for more than two shots,” Stefanovic told guest doctor Nick Coatsworth.

“I’ve had Covid a couple of times and I’m done with the vaccine. There’s a big chunk of Australia that is done, and there’s another chunk that is happy to keep having them.”

“Is it capable of fighting new strains, this vaccine?” Stefanovic asked Dr. Coatsworth.

The TV doctor admitted any protection provided by the vaccine is limited.

“It’s very transient protection,” Coatsworth explained, saying the jab’s effects last from 8 to 12 weeks. “It’s not increased protection for life, and that’s the problem with these boosters. Of course, eventually, we’re going to have to stop with these recommendations for ongoing boosters.”

Stefanovic went on to add he’s wary of receiving more jabs because of reports he’s seen of “fit and healthy” people collapsing and dying suddenly.

“I have seen all those reports on the internet about fit and healthy people just dropping down with heart issues and it’s still not obviously established yet whether or not the vaccine causes some of the heart issues,” Stefanovic related.

“So, that’s a worry for me, more so than getting Covid,” he added.

The television doctor acknowledged he was aware of heart issues linked to the vaccine, but said he doubts “hundreds and thousands of sudden cardiac deaths that are being swept under the carpet.”

The discussion comes as the ATAGI announced Tuesday people 18 and over are eligible for the fifth jab after it was only made available to severely immunocompromised individuals.

With any luck Australians tuning in will identify with the host’s skepticism and decide against receiving another potentially life-altering mRNA injection, the long-term effects of which are not fully understood.


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