Austria: Feminist Politician Says Muslim Migrants’ Lack of Respect For Women’s Rights a Price Worth Paying For Diversity

"We can get over that"

During a television debate in Austria, a feminist politician said that accepting Muslim migrants’ lack of respect for equality and women’s rights was a price worth paying for diversity.

The disturbing comments were made by former president of the Austrian Supreme Court and presidential candidate Irmgard Griss

“If he (refugee/migrant) won’t recognize our values, in terms of not recognizing the equality of women… I think we can get over that,” said Griss.

So long as the migrant is “not a thief or killing anyone or dealing drugs,” he should be embraced, according to Griss, even if that means total disrespect for women.

“We are going to have to live with that,” she said.

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When Henryk Broder, the commentator who Griss was debating, asked, “Get over that? Maybe not his daughter!”, Griss responded with the dismissive refrain, “Pfft, she can defend herself.”

“Ms. Griss seems to be willing to accept a little gropin’ & rapin’ from migrants, as long as they don’t actually get arrested for theft or murder or something like that,” commented the Gates of Vienna blog.

The alarming exchange is yet another example of how leftists, who champion #MeToo rhetoric and women’s rights at every available opportunity, suddenly eschew all their vaunted principles when confronted with Islam, the most patriarchal and women-oppressing belief system on the planet.

Griss’s comments are particularly gross given recent events in Austria, where white Austrian women have taken to wearing Islamic headscarves in some areas in order to prevent sexual harassment by Muslim migrant men.

During an appearance on another show, Doctor and former MP Marcus Franz said white girls in Vienna were ordered by their fathers to begin wearing hijabs and burkas “so they won’t be recognized as Austrians”.

He added that the girls were being “propositioned with unpleasant aggression and attitudes, and the girls and women, quite simply, are afraid.”


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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison