Austrian State to Require Migrants Sign “10 Commandments of Immigration”

Authorities introducing code of conduct for migrants

Image Credits: Michael Trammer/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images.

The state of Lower Austria will soon require migrants and asylum seekers to abide by a code of conduct, which will include signing a “Ten Commandments of Immigration.”

Details of the groundbreaking new policies were shared with German daily Die Welt, which reports that newcomers will be expected to attend integration courses and also have the opportunity to receive an education in Austrian values and laws.

“As soon as someone comes to us, every asylum seeker receives the ‘Ten Commandments of Immigration’ of Lower Austria in addition to the usual administrative documents,” state minister Gottfried Waldhäusl told the paper. “The commandments will then be available in all values courses and integration projects in a total of 15 different languages.”

Key ‘commandments’ include the following:

– Learn the German language
– Obey Austrian laws
– Orient one’s own behavior and upbringing of children to Austrian values
– Respect the freedom of religion
– Protect animals from unnecessary suffering
– Resolve conflicts without violence
– Live in gratitude to Austria

Waldhäusl is known as a hardliner on migration policy.

In November 2018 [Waldhäusl] had a refugee shelter built in Drasenhofen near the Czech border for young ‘notorious troublemakers,'” Die Welt reports. “The neighborhood was surrounded by a fence and guarded by security forces. The young people were only allowed to leave the home in the company of a security guard,” in order to preserve public safety.

Austrian Interior Minister Herbert Kickl recently warned Brussels that another explosive migrant crisis is brewing on Europe’s frontiers, calling for preemptive measures to be taken.

“We all still remember the images of the mass immigration of 2015/2016,” Kickl said in April. “It would be irresponsible to twiddle one’s thumb and wait until tens of thousands of migrants are on the border.”

“A political repair-and-patchwork mentality does not bring us anywhere in the E.U. — only a clear, proactive strategic approach. It’s about averting a new crisis rather than waiting for it to erupt.”

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