Author Says Trump Will Lead Army of “Terrorists,” Encourages Biden Voters to Spy on Them

Image Credits: The Washington Post via Getty Images.

A viral video posted to Twitter by a best-selling author says Trump plans to lead an army of “domestic terrorists” and encourages Joe Biden voters to spy on their activity and report them to authorities.

The clip, posted by Don Winslow, has received over 37,000 likes and has been viewed over 3 million times.

It claims that Donald Trump will become the leader of a “new army” after he loses control of the actual U.S. military following Joe Biden’s inauguration.

The “new army” is named as “radical extreme conservatives, also known as domestic terrorists,” and is illustrated by images of thousands of Trump supporters who attended the protest in DC earlier this month.

The video then warns that these “terrorists” work normal jobs and that many of them attended the Capitol with the intention of “killing Nancy Pelosi and hanging Vice President Mike Pence.”

“In the years ahead, Trump will lead his army of domestic terrorists, he will encourage and incite violence,” states Winslow, adding that Trump will use his army of “terrorists” to start a “civil war.”

Winslow says the solution is “an army of citizen detectives” who will “monitor extremists on the Internet” and report their findings to authorities, citing how a CIA analyst discovered the location of terror mastermind Osama Bin Laden before his capture.

“It’s up to you,” the video ends along with the hashtag #TrumpsNewArmy.

Some respondents to the video highlighted how revolting it was to falsely characterize Trump supporters as domestic extremists.

“This is so dangerous it’s hard to sum up in a tweet,” remarked Robby Starbuck. It puts a target on the head of every conservative, calls for war and propagandizes to form a vigilante group that would narc on neighbors. If Hitler or Stalin we’re alive today, they’d proudly use your video. Sick and evil.”

However, many leftists supported the sentiments expressed in the clip, with one commenting, “Where do I go to enlist?”

“Everything I send to the FBI. It might have been sent more than once but I want to protect my country,” added another.

Numerous other respondents asked to know where they should be reporting their tips.

Suffice to say, characterizing tens of million of Americans as terrorists is a disgusting and demented form of dehumanization and encouraging Americans to spy on each other is the most un-American thing imaginable.



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