Authors of Pro-Trump Children’s Book Blast Media Matters: ‘Thanks for Selling our Book for Us!’

‘Hysterical liberal crybabies are God’s gift to Conservative marketing’

The authors behind the pro-Trump children’s book, Thump, rebuked Media Matters after the leftist media outlet alleged the book promoted White Supremacy.

In an “open thank you letter,” the Thump team showed gratitude to Media Matters for helping book sales.

“Thank you very much for celebratig the new year by writing about Thump: The First Bundred Days! Like President Donald Trump, Team Thump knows that hysterical liberal crybabies are God’s gift to Conservative marketing,” Team Thump wrote on Friday.

On Thursday a Media Matters article claimed, “Alex Jones is hawking pro-Trump children’s book that indoctrinates them to white nationalism,” regarding an Infowars interview with Thump co-author Brett R. Smith.

Thump illustrator, Timothy Lim, who is of Chinese and Filipino descent, responded to Media Matters with a photo of himself asking if he “looked” like a White Nationalist.

Read Team Thump’s open thank you letter below:


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