Avenatti Allegedly Set Up by 4Chan With False Kavanaugh Report?

Porn lawyer denies entire event

An anonymous post on the message board “4chan” describes a story that claims to explain why lawyer Michael Avenatti made his Twitter account private, a story which he has directly denied.

Earlier this week, Avenatti broke the sensational news that he was in talks with another Brett Kavanaugh accuser who had “credible information” that linked the SCOTUS nominee to sex acts which involved multiple men on a woman in high school.

The Tuesday 4chan post describes an unverified correspondence between two people and Avenatti that includes multiple burner phones, salacious lies that fulfill Avenatti’s Sunday claim, and an offer for a CNN exclusive with Anderson Cooper.

This story has since been picked up by Politico, Gateway Pundit, and Twitchy.

It’s worth noting that this story is graphic and has as much evidence supporting it as the New Yorker’s Sunday hit piece on Kavanaugh.

That said, it is peculiar that Avenatti locked down his Twitter account, which is newsworthy given how he put the spotlight on himself over the past several days and the fact that he admitted the accuser might not go public.

According to the anonymous post, the “prank” began when the poster’s girlfriend contacted Avenatti while pretending to be a former alum of Kavanaugh’s high school to claim Kavanaugh and “his buddy Mark Judge” engaged in multiple sex acts on her.

You can read the unverified story in the tweet below.

Recently, Michael Avenatti set his Twitter account to private, blaming “Trump trolls.”

Avenatti has since completely denied this hoax saying: “It never happened. None of it. No truth to it. This is a fabrication of the right because they are worried and they should be.”

It is important to note that this story has no evidence of officially happening, but the message board “4chan” has a rich history of steering national conversations.

For example, it was said that the lie that the “OK” hand sign is a white nationalist signal originated on the message board as well as parts of the “peegate” story that depicted Trump peeing on a hotel bed in Russia with prostitutes.

Even if this “prank” story is false, it’s still peculiar that Avenatti locked down his Twitter account given he has not been rattled by “Trump trolls” in the past.