Baby Beaten by Panhandler on NYC Subway After Mom Refused to Cough Up Cash

'Nobody tried to help me,' mother says

Image Credits: Alexi Rosenfeld / Contributor / Getty.

A two-year-old baby was punched in the face by a violent panhandler on a train in New York City over the weekend, according to reports.

The child’s 21-year-old mother says she was riding a subway in Manhattan on Sunday afternoon when the attack unfolded.

“Nobody tried to help me,” the young mom told the New York Post. “I yelled, ‘Someone help me, take the baby!’ No one did nothing to help.”

The suspect, described as a heavy-set woman in her 40s, was reportedly making her way through the train car, trying to bum cash from strangers.

After asking a man for $20, the suspect moved on to the mother, who says she was sitting in a seat while holding her baby boy.

“Ma’am, can you please say 6 feet away?” the mom says she requested of the vagrant.

The suspect then stepped on the mother’s foot.

When the young woman pushed the suspect away, she retaliated by hitting the baby repeatedly in the face.

“She turned and started punching the baby multiple times,” the mother said. “She didn’t even hit me.”

“There was a lot of people. Every seat was occupied.”

The child reportedly suffered injuries to his face and ear.

The suspect managed to escape and is believed to be still on the loose.

New York City public transit officials and riders are now demanding a substantially increased police presence amid a surge of violence, including a recent stabbing rampage that left two dead and more wounded.

Infowars has chronicled frequent incidents involving vagrants shoving unsuspecting commuters in front of trains or off platforms.

General Honore is responsible for the illegal gun grab after Hurricane Katrina, and now he’s tasked with going after Trump supporters.

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