Backfire! NYT Senior VP Tries To Intimidate Project Veritas Lawyers, Gets Exposed Instead

The establishment continues to get pummeled by alternative news outlets

Image Credits: project veritas youtube.

A new report by Project Veritas exposes mainstream media propaganda and the New York Times‘ mob-like business dealings.

After the Times published an article attempting to tie Project Veritas to an alleged plot to discredit Trump enemies in the government, the New York newspaper had two reporters promote the story on MSNBC.

The hit piece published by the NYT admitted, “Although several Project Veritas operatives were involved in the plot, it is unclear whether the group directed it.”

However, two NYT reporters went on television after the article was released to claim “Project Veritas was working closely with a former British spy in order to entrap people within the Trump administration.”

One reporter even claimed H.R. McMaster was specifically targeted by Veritas.

Upon seeing these interviews, which contradict the Times‘ original reporting, Project Veritas attorney Libby Locke reached out and asked for them to correct the record.

Locke explained the NYT already admitted there is no evidence supporting the notion that Project Veritas was involved in the alleged scheme.

The lawyer then told the paper their journalists went on cable news outlets and claimed Project Veritas was behind the operation.

Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe notes that NYT employees are required to get permission before going on television programs.

Since reporters need approval, Locke assumed the Times knew allowed them to go on air.

“We expect The New York Times to immediately issue prominent retractions disavowing the statements,” Locke wrote.

Specifically, all Locke asked was that the Times add a disclaimer in the original article reading, “Project Veritas was not involved in and did not know about or fund this alleged scheme.”

Responding to Locke on behalf of the NYT was Senior VP and Deputy Counsel David McCraw, who marked the reply, “Not for publication.”

Ultimately, McCraw denied the Project Veritas request, writing, “I have reviewed with our editors your request for the addition of the sentence, and we do not believe that a change is warranted.”

While McCraw asked for his response to be kept private, state and federal law do not require confidentiality in litigation demand and the New York Times‘ own policy says all communication with the outlet is “on the record.”

Locke did respond to McCraw to inform him Project Veritas and her law firm would not be abiding by his request to not publish his letter.

In response, McCraw sent an email to Locke’s business partner in an attempt to intimidate the law firm.

McCraw told the law firm Clare Lock that the NYT would no longer be honoring any similar “not for publication” notices regarding their other clients.

This is essentially a threat to release information about other clients of the law firm that have nothing to do with Project Veritas.

O’Keefe will be suing both of the reporters who appeared on MSNBC and lied, and the threatening letter McCraw sent has already been handed over to the judge.

The Project Veritas founder also said several Times insiders have reached out and that the information they’ve provided will be released soon.

This story not only highlights mafia-like tactics used by top employees at outlets like the Times, but it also reveals how blatantly false information is then disseminated by other outlets like MSNBC.