BBC Hired Pronoun Consultants Who Told Staff There Were 150 Different Genders

Including "xe, xem, xyrs."

Image Credits: SOPA Images via Getty Images.

License fee-funded state broadcaster the BBC hired “trans and nonbinary inclusion” consultants to train its staff that there were at least 150 different genders.

Yes really.

The Global Butterflies consultants were hired to provide diversity training revolving around the proper use of pronouns.

During the brainwashing sessions, staff were told, “people can self-identify themselves in over 150 ways, and increasing!”

Employees were ordered to include their own gender pronouns in company emails, a list which has now apparently expanded to include newly invented ones such as “xe, xem, xyrs.”

Staffers who insisted on using traditional he/she pronouns were warned they “can create discomfort, stress and anxiety” and lead to depression and suicide risk in trans people.

“If you overhear a colleague using the incorrect pronouns for someone, take them aside and remind them of the correct pronouns,” attendees were told.

A source who leaked the story to the Telegraph after quitting the BBC told the newspaper, “The BBC simply doesn’t understand what’s going on with gender identity ideology,” and has “been pandering to a social contagion amongst young people rather than being the adult in the room.”

The whistleblower added that there is a “tight-knit cabal at the top of BBC News who give tacit approval to gender ideology” and block stories critical of transgender ideology while ensuring ones that “affirm gender ideology…go straight to output.”

The BBC is funded by a mandatory license fee which is enforced via home visits, legal threats and in some cases, court prosecution of those who watch BBC programming without paying the license fee.



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