BBC to Portray Anti-EU Poland, Hungry as Emerging Nazi Dictatorships

...But the EU is based on Hitler's plan for Europe!

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The BBC is set to run a documentary painting Poland and Hungary as emerging fascistic dictatorships, while insinuating their governments are isolationist, corrupt, and antisemitic, according to advance synopses – prompting scathing responses from both Warsaw and Budapest.

The first installment in the two-part series, called “Europe’s Illiberal Democrats,” is scheduled to air on November 14th, and will focus on Hungary.

In the episode description, the BBC – a state-owned and taxpayer-financed broadcasting behemoth – wonders aloud if Hungary is “on the path to autocracy,” citing concerns over the relationship between leading media outlets and “people close to the ruling party.”

Other ‘indicators’ pointing to Hungary’s dangerous slide into authoritarianism and corruption include their crackdown on George Soros-founded-and-funded Central European University, saying the “highly respected” institution “fears for its survival in Hungary.”

The government has changed the constitution, electoral law, and refused to take its EU-allocated quota of refugees, while warning of a ‘Muslim invasion.’ The government spokesman insists that avoiding ‘mass immigration’ is Hungary’s right, and that it is merely helping to protect Europe’s Christian culture and heritage,” BBC writes. “The European parliament is so concerned about the perceived breaches of EU values that it has launched a procedure that could culminate in Hungary’s EU voting rights being withdrawn.”

While the BBC manages to lightly disguise its spin as unbiased reporting, counterparts at the Radio Times – which the BBC birthed and owned until 2011 – have made no such attempt.

“Yet what’s happening in both countries is nothing less than the dismantling of democracy,” the radio and TV listings publication writes in its show description. “Here journalist Naomi Grimley talks to politicians and citizens in Hungary about prime minister Viktor Orban’s hatred of multiculturalism, his antisemitic rhetoric, and corruption.”


UK journalist Neil Clark tweeted a picture of the synopsis, commenting, “You don’t have to be supporter or fan of Hungary’s Viktor Orban to appreciate that this-in the new @RadioTimes – is political propaganda.”

It has become common practice for left-wing media outlets and personalities to slap the ‘antisemitic’ label on Viktor Orban solely upon the basis of his criticism of Hungarian-born Jew and international crime lord, George Soros – a former Nazi asset – while ignoring Orban’s stated commitment to protecting European Jews, for which he has received praise from Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu – a friend and ally who formally backs Hungary in their war with Soros.

“In many ways Hungary is at the forefront of the states that are opposed to this anti-Jewish policy and I welcome it and express the appreciation of my government,” said Netanyahu after a visit to Hungary in July.

Interestingly, the Radio Times was recently absorbed by its new parent company, Hubert Burda Media – a German media conglomerate that established itself under the ownership of proud Nazi, Franz Burda.

According to Wikipedia, “The company rose to some prominence in Nazi Germany, where it benefited from ‘Aryanization’ of Jewish property under the leadership of the founder’s son Franz Burda and specialized in printing maps for the Wehrmacht. Franz Burda was a member of the Nazi Party and an avid Antisemite.”

Representatives of the Hungarian and Polish governments delivered comments on the BBC documentary to Breitbart London.

“Statements unveiling the supposedly neutral BBC’s own ideological-political preoccupations are becoming endemic,” responded a spokesman for Hungary, while Budapest reportedly “declined to dignify the accusations with a response.”

Polish Secretary of State, Anna Maria Anders – herself a British-born daughter of an Polish general forced into exile by Soviet communist rule – offered blistering feedback directed at the BBC.

“After throwing off the yoke of Soviet Communism, and still continuing to beat back the vestiges of its wicked legacy on our society, we are not looking to embrace other potentially destabilising influences such as unfettered third world refugee and migrant resettlement as foisted upon us by Brussels diktat. This social justice experiment has proven disastrous in Western Europe and we have no interest in replicating such obvious and evident folly,” she said. “The BBC, funded by British taxpayers, should stick to the facts and not editorialise to serve an increasingly rejected political agenda.”

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