Ben Carson Reveals Planned Federal Intervention for California’s Homeless Crisis

Feds preparing to move on socialist nightmare

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Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson revealed that planning is underway for an intervention into the “emergency” homeless crisis in California.

Carson asserted that it should not be the federal government’s role to intercede in such localized issues, but that the situation necessitates it, as concerns with broader implications are in play.

“The president is extremely concerned about this because of the epidemic that could occur and so we’re looking at both short term and long term,” Carson told Fox News host Harris Faulkner.

Carson asserted that the homeless must be moved from the streets into housing facilities, but that it is important to “get these people out of dependency,” as many are either mentally ill or addicted to drugs.

As Faulkner pointed out, the homeless crisis is not confined just to Californian cities, but is spreading rapidly across the U.S., with over 60,000 vagrants in New York City, over 11,000 in Seattle, and over 6,500 in Washington D.C.

Carson pointed to some successful policies being implemented in San Diego, where he says onerous regulations and bureaucracy are being rolled back in order to unshackle the housing markets, and asserted that he hopes they can serve as a good example to other cities mired in homelessness and related issues.

San Francisco residents have reportedly become so exasperated by tents being pitched on their sidewalks, they have begun placing boulders along curbs to deter hobos.

President Trump recently blasted leadership in San Francisco, indicating the EPA could soon punish the city for allowing rampant homelessness, drug abuse, and filth to spiral out of control, affecting natural resources in the area.

“If you look at San Francisco, it’s a total disaster what’s happening — they’re going to ruin those cities,” President Trump told reporters during a visit to the southern border in California. “We’re going to get involved very soon on a federal basis if they don’t clean up their act.”

“You have tents all over the place. You really have a sanitary condition because this water is rushing into the ocean, and this is supposed to be storm water. It’s not supposed to be sewage.”

“They have to clean it up,” he continued. “We can’t have our cities going to hell.”

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