Bernie And Biden Are Doomed

Two top Democrats have no chance of defeating Trump

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons.

Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden stop now. You can’t win.

Bernie can’t win for a variety of reasons.

Primarily, what had previously been Sanders’ singular message of bleeding heart handouts has been fragmented by its own success as the far left runs in every direction with bits and pieces of temporary socialist rewards.

Also, Sanders’ diversions when confronted with tough questions about his policies have become all too common.

Not to mention, Americans simply don’t want an openly socialist President after Obama’s eight years of gradual socialism and division left the citizens of the United States fighting amongst themselves.

Former Vice President Joe Biden, aside from being a resurgence of a past no one wants to revisit, has a personal history plagued by highly questionable sexually predatory behavior smack dab in the middle of a growing me too movement that is taking no prisoners.