Bernie Cozies Up To Obama In New Ad Following Super Tuesday Loss

Anti-establishment candidate prostrates to the establishment Democrat leader to gain favor with moderates

Image Credits: @MediumBuying/Twitter.

Socialist presidential candidate Bernie Sanders had little choice but to cozy up to the Democrat establishment following his Super Tuesday loss with a brand new TV ad featuring former President Obama.

Sanders, who touts himself as the anti-establishment candidate, apparently decided that bragging about his establishment bona fides was the best way to reach out to moderate voters.

The ad features Obama touting Sanders’ personality and record, claiming voters want “somebody who’s going to fight for them.”

“That’s right, Feel The Bern!” Obama said from a 2016 speech at the Democrat National Convention.

The move is at odds with Sanders’ ideological platform because the socialist candidate is running on rejecting Democrat establishment policies.

And notably, several of Obama’s former Cabinet officials, including former National Security Adviser Susan Rice and UN Ambassador Samantha Power, endorsed Biden on Monday.

Several Democrat operatives noticed, including a former Hillary Clinton adviser who included a list of instances in which Sanders challenged Obama’s leadership.

Biden’s campaign harshly rebuked the ad, reminding voters that Obama chose Biden as vice president for eight years.

“Barack Obama chose Vice President Biden to be his partner over 8 years in the White House, entrusting him with managing the stimulus that saved our economy from a depression, obtaining the deciding vote for the Affordable Care Act, and countless national security priorities,” Biden campaign Rapid Response Director Andrew Bates said in a statement. “By contrast, Senator Sanders explored a primary challenge to President Obama, who he compared to a ‘moderate Republican’ and said was not a ‘progressive.’”

“As recent history has proven, no quantity of ads can rewrite history—and there’s no substitute for genuinely having the back of the best president of our lifetimes,” he added.

Sanders lost 9 of the 14 states to former Vice President Joe Biden on Super Tuesday, blunting his momentum as Biden surged.

The socialist contender is so desperate to regain footing in the Democrat primary that he has to kiss the ring of the leader of the Democrat establishment in hopes of gaining more moderate votes in future primary states.




Eight Men Out & all they have left is Clueless Joe. Booty, Beto & Amy endorsed Biden in Dallas. Bernie has been under fire from every direction in the last 24 hours as the establishment “moderates” bet on Joe. But they aren’t moderates and Joe continues to sleepwalk thru his speeches