Beyond Masks: This Portable Head Pod Could Be Your Future

Company already has 50,000 pre-orders

Image Credits: Screenshot.

With governments mandating the wearing of face masks left right and centre, and social distancing plastic pods popping up everywhere, it isn’t too much of a jump to image a future where we are all forced to walk around in our own bubbles, literally.

Indeed, companies are already rushing to develop exactly that, with one already having received fifty thousand pre-orders for a portable head pod:

The bubble, known as the ‘BioVYZR’, is being developed by VYZR technologies, a company that designs protective equipment.

The hazmat-style bubble is made from neoprene, marine vinyl, and ripstop, and has a battery powered N-95 respirator and an anti-fogging viewing window.

VYZR is charging $350 a pop for the head pod, with Bloomberg noting that it has received $400,000 already from eager customers wanting to encase their faces in plastic.

Yezin Al-Qaysi, the co-founder of VYZR technologies, commented “When the [Covid-19] outbreak happened, we realized that in a perfect world, everyone would have access to a Powered Air Purifying Respirator.”

“We’ve taken a product usually limited to health care and industrial settings that’s typically priced around $1,800 and adapted it to be accessible to the public,” Al-Qaysi added.

So here we are, literally at the movie Bubble Boy:

Or, the cone of silence from Get Smart:

Hang on…

But more importantly…