Biden Admin Set Sell America Out To The World Health Organization

The alarming power grab has finally hit mainstream news

Image Credits: HStocks / Getty.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson addressed the Biden administration’s upcoming betrayal of the country during Thursday’s broadcast of “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

Infowars and other alternative media outlets have been warning about the World Health Organization treaty for months now, but Carlson is one of the first mainstream pundits to expose it.

“The Biden administration is very close to handing the World Health Organization power over every aspect, the intimate aspects, of your life,” he told his viewers.  

Continuing, Carlson asked Americans to “imagine the civil liberties abuses that you lived through during the COVID lockdowns, but permanent and administered from a foreign country.”

Do you want to live under lockdown measures as seen in Australia and China?

The treaty is set to be adopted beginning this weekend in Geneva at the World Health Assembly, but the full text of the agreement has yet to be finalized.

So far, the treaty maintains that the WHO is given powers over nations who sign on during a pandemic only.

However, as Carlson noted, “The World Health Organization gets to define what a pandemic is, when a pandemic is in progress and how long a pandemic lasts.”

Tucker continued, explaining, “The Biden administration has made certain that unelected bureaucrats, the W.H.O., have total authority to declare and define public health emergencies. They did it explicitly. The White House eliminated a provision that would have required the World Health Organization to ‘consult with an attempt to obtain verification from the state party in whose territory the event is allegedly occurring in.’” 

Under the treaty, WHO members must follow guidelines or face sanctions.

One thing the treaty demands is that “misinformation, disinformation and stigmatization that undermine public health” be censored online.

As Carlson joked, “People are criticizing us and for public health reasons that can’t be allowed. If you criticize us, people will die!”

Basically, if you disagree with an unelected foreign body overpowering the U.S. Constitution and basic national sovereignty, you must be silenced.

If the Biden administration gets its way, the WHO will oversee vaccine production and distribution, establish vaccine passports, regulate travel and be in charge of “the digitalization of all health forms.”

Closing out his segment, Tucker noted the story has received little media attention, saying, “It’s not on the front page. Why is that? You have to ask yourself.”

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