Biden Blatantly Lies, Says He Helped Find GOP Votes For Obamacare

Democrats rammed Obamacare through without a single Republican vote

Image Credits: screenshot/YouTube.

2020 presidential frontrunner Joe Biden told a stone cold lie during a campaign stop in San Antonio, Texas, claiming he helped find Republican votes for Obamacare when in fact every Republican lawmaker voted against it.

“We need someone with the proven ability to bring people together, and do the hard work of getting legislation passed,” Biden told the crowd Friday. “I’ve done that! I’ve done that before, finding Republican votes for the Recovery Act, Obamacare – helping keep us from falling into a great depression.”

Obamacare was passed along partisan lines by Democrats in 2010, with no support from Republicans in either the House or Senate.

Don’t expect the corporate mainstream media to fact-check Biden on this, since they’ve been covering for him following the Ukraine scandal showing the former vice president admit on video that he pressured Ukraine’s president to fire a prosecutor investigating his son Hunter over his ties to energy firm Burisma Holdings.

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