Biden Border Surge ‘Way Worse Than 2019,’ Texas Official Warns

"People need to come see it for themselves"

Image Credits: GUILLERMO ARIAS/AFP via Getty Images.

The ongoing surge of illegal migration at the U.S.-Mexico border is “way worse” than the crisis that took place in 2019, a Texas official has warned.

Hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens have poured into the United States since the Biden administration took control in January and effectively blew the nation’s southern border open.

A growing number of local, state, and federal officials are sounding alarms as the migration catastrophe spirals out of control.

Reporters with the Daily Caller News Foundation joined officers on patrol in Hidalgo County, Texas, where hundreds of migrants are entering from Mexico every day.

“This is way worse than in 2019,” said one Hidalgo County Constable. “People need to come see it for themselves.”

Hidalgo County officers confronted approximately 130 illegal aliens during a 2.5 hour span, many of whom had been rafted across the Rio Grande by human smugglers, according to Daily Caller reporter Kaylee Greenlee Beal.

“Hidalgo County Constable officials collected information such as country of origin and the ages of the illegal immigrants before directing them to a nearby Customs and Border Protection processing facility,” Beal reported.

While over 100,000 migrants were caught at the border in February – with thousands more evading capture – that number is expected to soon be dwarfed.

“The numbers from knowledgeable folks inside the Department of Homeland Security, who are not authorized to publicly disclose the information, say about 6,000 migrants are arriving at the border every day. Odds are that number is going to get bigger. We are headed towards 200,000 illegal immigrants entering each month, more than twice the current already-overwhelming rate,” the Heritage Foundation reported last week.

Border officials are apprehending over 600 ‘child migrants’ daily – nearly double the number of the 2019 crisis at its peak.

Migrants from across the world are accepting the Biden administration’s invitation to flood the southern border.

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