Biden Calls NY Post Emails Showing He Lied, Hunter’s Crack Pipe Photo A ‘Smear Campaign’, Attacks CBS Journalist

Image Credits: National File / composite.

Tonight Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden finally publicly commented on the stunning New York Post stories that show emails of Hunter Biden offering access to his father, then vice president of the United States, and discussing deals that would be advantageous to his family.

Biden called it a “smear campaign” and attacked the CBS journalist who asked about the story.

Speaking while masked to the media outside his chartered jet as it prepared to take off, Biden was asked by CBS journalist Bo Erickson about the explosive series of articles by the Post, “Mr. Biden, what is your response to the New York Post story about your son, sir?”

Biden proceeded to declare the story a “smear campaign” and attacked the character of the CBS journalist.

“I know you’d ask it, I have no response, it’s another smear campaign,” said Biden, before directing his attack at Erickson. “Right up your alley, it’s the sort of question you always ask.” On Twitter, Erickson said he felt Biden “went after” him for asking about the viral headline.

The Biden campaign was rocked by the revelation that, at minimum, Biden lied repeatedly when telling voters and the media that he knew nothing about Hunter’s overseas business dealings, a claim directly contradicted by the emails that show Biden was meeting with Ukrainian and potentially Chinese business leaders in meetings arranged by Hunter’s business.

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In addition to the scandal of seemingly selling influence over the vice presidency of the United States, the Post published a series of photos of Hunter, one which showed the Democrat presidential candidate’s son appearing to be asleep with either a crack or meth pipe in his mouth.

Today it was revealed that the Post has nearly 25,000 images in its possession. After it was reported last night that Hunter’s hard drive contained “underage obsessions” and was apparently subpoenaed by an FBI agent who specialized in child porn cases, the Post announced that it does not plan to publish the entire camera reel.

Additionally, the man who provided the laptop to the FBI and a copy of its hard drive to Rudy Giuliani seemed to hint at an FBI coverup when speaking to the media.