Biden Campaign Manager Dodges Question About Biden Using Teleprompter During Interview

'The vice president uses a teleprompter on occasion,' she says

Image Credits: @ArthurSchwartz/Twitter.

Joe Biden’s campaign manager refused to directly address whether Biden used a teleprompter during a recent interview.

When asked during a POLITICO interview whether Biden had read from a teleprompter during his recent interview with James Corden, Biden campaign manager Jennifer O’Malley Dillon dodged the question, claiming Biden routinely uses a teleprompter during some events.

“First of all, uh, I would say very clearly the vice president uses a teleprompter on occasion when you see him giving a speech,” Dillon said. “But he’s also out there every day taking questions from reporters.”

“You’re seeing that today, he’s in Florida and will continue to take questions – I think he took question four or five times on the stump on his travel last week,” she added.

In one of the questions Dillion is talking referring to, Biden ignores a question about his loss of of support among Hispanics while visiting Florida on Tuesday.

The speculation that Biden uses a teleprompter during interviews came a recent interview where Biden accidentally revealed the reflection of a teleprompter with his framed picture of his family that he showed Corden.

Following that interview, President Trump also said Biden was reading off the teleprompter to answer questions, claiming his “handlers” are doing “everything possible” to get him elected.

Speculation over Biden’s use of teleprompters has grown over the summer following several questionable instances of Biden giving what appeared to be scripted answers.

Last week, Fox News host asked Biden’s press secretary whether Biden relies on a teleprompter during interviews, prompting the staffer to explode defensively without answering the question.

When the announcer at President Trump’s recent rally here urged a packed airplane hangar of supporters to don their masks, a cacophonous round of boos erupted, followed by defiance. No matter that the attendees’ chairs were inches apart, their temperatures had not been taken and masks were required by the state.