Biden Delivers Holiday Message: ‘Limit Family Gatherings, Get People Away From Each Other’

Image Credits: Screenshot.

Joe Biden delivered a Thanksgiving message Wednesday which consisted of urging Americans not to see each other, and vowing to find sick people and separate them from their families.

After saying that families should only engage in limited get togethers, just as his will be doing, Biden stated that “We still have months of this battle ahead of us.”

“More testing. We’ll find people with cases and get them away from one another, slowing the number of infections. More protective gear for businesses and our schools,” Biden said.

“The federal government has vast powers to combat the virus, and I commit to you I will use all of those powers to lead a national coordinated response,” he added.


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Biden’s message comes on the heels of him saying that it is the duty of Americans to wear masks and abide by social distancing rules, and that doing so is ‘patriotic’:

Biden has repeatedly vowed to institute a national mandate for masks, and return to lockdown if ‘scientists’ tell him to.

Biden “special coronavirus transition advisory team” member Dr. Michael Osterholm has called for even stricter lockdowns to be enforced with an iron fist.