Biden DOJ Wants 6-Month Prison Sentence For Steve Bannon

Justice Department wants Bannon "sentenced to six months' imprisonment...and fined $200,000."

Image Credits: Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images.

The Biden Department of Justice on Monday recommended that former Trump adviser Steve Bannon receive a six-month jail sentence and a $200,000 fine for contempt of congress, after he ignored a subpoena from the Jan. 6 select committee.

Bannon, 68, was charged with two counts last November; failure to appear to give testimony, and failure to produce “documents and communications,” or “provide a log of any withheld records.”

“From the moment that the Defendant, Stephen K. Bannon, accepted service of a subpoena from the House Select Committee … he has pursued a bad-faith strategy of defiance and contempt,” reads the filing, which adds that “The defendant flouted the Committee’s authority and ignored the subpoena’s demands.

“For his sustained, bad-faith contempt of Congress, the Defendant should be sentenced to six months’ imprisonment—the top end of the Sentencing Guidelines’ range—and fined $200,000—based on his insistence on paying the maximum fine rather than cooperate with the Probation Office’s routine pre-sentencing financial investigation.”

Since Democrats began targeting Bannon, it hasn’t gone unnoticed that many notables in the ‘protected class’ have been held in contempt of Congress – particularly former Obama AG Eric Holder, who refused to turn over documents related to the Fast and Furious scandal – with no such treatment.