Biden Family Treason Inc.

Bombshell Senate report on Hunter Biden and Ukraine finds conflicts of interest, national security dangers, pay-to-play extortion, and alleged sex trafficking involvement

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Shanghai Joe isn’t very happy with the recent Senate report detailing his family’s involvement in a myriad of conflicts of interest endangering national security, pay to play extortion, and alleged sex trafficking involvement.

Of course, Joe Biden follows the same playbook as Hillary Clinton and the rest of the corrupt establishment class: Deny everything until the world forgets. But Biden’s pursuit of the highest office on the globe also makes him a prime target. And Biden has a lot of skeletons, demons actually, in his closet.

The establishment left Washington Post reported, “GOP senators’ report calls Hunter Biden’s board position with Ukraine firm ‘problematic,’ but fails to show how it changed U.S. policy.” The Biden scam may not have directly affected U.S. policy, but it absolutely affected Ukrainian national policy.

As the report reads, “The 2014 protests in Kyiv cam to be known as the Revolution of Dignity—a revolution against corruption in Ukraine. Following that revolution, Ukrainian political figures were desperate for Zlochevsky would have made sure relevant Ukrainian officials were well aware of Hunter’s appointment to Burisma’s board as leverage. Hunter Biden’s position on the board created an immediate potential conflict of interest that would prove to be problematic for both U.S.and Ukrainian officials and would affect the implementation of Ukraine policy.”

To label Hunter’s involvement problematic insults the intelligence of Americans. Hunter Biden made Benedict Arnold look like an amateur.

In the Ukraine scandal, VP Joe Biden, the point man in Ukraine cleared the way for his drug addled demonic son Hunter to rake in $50,000 per month to sit on the corrupt Ukrainian Energy company Burisma Holdings’ board, despite zero experience in the industry. Hunter had joined a month after British officials seized $23 million from the London bank accounts of Burisma’s owner, Mykola Zlochevsky.

Using his position, Joe Biden also cleared the way for Hunter in China. Hunter was courted by the Chinese Communist Government, its military and a host of shady companies to become a trojan horse in to the United States rare earth minerals market, nuclear secrets, and military technology.

While the Obama/Biden Administration played the role of playing hardball with the Chinese, Hunter was nailing down billion dollar deals for the Chinese military that compromised U.S. national security.

And as it has always played out for Hunter, the only reason Hunter isn’t sitting in prison right now is because his name ends with Biden.