Biden Forgets He’s POTUS: “Every Time I Hear ‘Hail To The Chief,’ I Wonder, Where The Hell Is He?”

The truly elected president is in Mar-a-Lago

Image Credits: NICHOLAS KAMM / Contributor / Getty.

Speaking at the White House Congressional Picnic on Tuesday, Joe Biden again appeared lost and confused.

“Well folks, you know you don’t have to stand. Every time I hear, ‘Hail to the Chief,’ I wonder where the hell is he? It took me a long while. You think I’m joking, I’m not,” he said with a laugh. “I turn around and, where, where’s the president?”

The remark would likely be dismissable in a normal situation, but Biden’s declining mental state has been a major focus of his presidency since being installed into the White House.

When he said he wasn’t joking about wondering where the president is upon hearing the famous tune, he may actually be telling the truth.

During a July 2021 CNN town hall, Biden told establishment talking head Don Lemon the same thing.

“The first time I went downstairs and they played ‘Hail to the Chief,’ I went, ‘Where is he?.’ No, you think I’m kidding. I’m not kidding,” he told Lemon.

The global elite using Biden as their political marionette is beginning to look like borderline elder abuse.