Biden Gives “Victory” Speech In Front Of Dozens Of Empty Cars — But Trump Supporters Showed Up To Protest!

Image Credits: @TechTheNoob/Twitter.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden gave a pre-taped half-hearted “victory” speech at a “rally” in front of dozens of empty parked cars.

At the short event Friday night in Delaware, Biden’s recorded speech played through big screens in front of the empty stage and empty cars, but you wouldn’t know it with the way the media portrayed it.


Users on Twitter noted the setup of empty cars appeared to be the same from several days ago.

Once again, there were actually more Trump supporters than Biden supporters present at the dull and staged affair.

The dozens of Trump supporters showed up to voice their discontent with the voter fraud and Democrat shenanigans at polling places.

Watch Biden’s pre-recorded speech below:

The guillotines are out already for Trump supporters, and apparently blacklists are being made as we break it down.