Biden: “It’s So Important” We Remove Trump “On the 17th,” Pelosi Shows Off Orange Bullet Bracelet

Did Biden, Pelosi and Booker telegraph a Trump assassination attempt?

Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden made some unusually strange remarks in the days before President Trump attends a rally in Dallas, Texas.

For starters, during the recent Democratic debate, Biden strangely said “what I think is important is we focus on why it’s so important we remove this man [Trump] from office on the 17th…” before stopping himself mid-sentence.

Trump’s rally in Dallas, Texas is scheduled for the 17th.

Watch the video for yourself:

Furthermore, Pelosi, who was acting strange during a Thursday morning press conference, showed off her orange ammunition bracelet during a press conference.

It’s worth pointing out that ammunition is generally not orange colored.

While Pelosi isn’t known for having a calm physical demeanor, her body language seemed unusually shaky during the press conference.

And interestingly, the year 1963 in which Kennedy was assassinated, mirrors 2019 in terms of days and dates. The next time the calendars will match up like that will be in 2030:

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