Biden Says GOP Actually Packing Supreme Court, Calls Push To Confirm Barrett ‘Unconstitutional’

Image Credits: @JerryDunleavy/Twitter.

Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden claimed Republican efforts to confirm Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court are “unconstitutional.”

In an amazing display of reality inversion, Biden claimed that Republicans are actually the party trying to pack the Supreme Court.

“Look, the only court-packing is going on right now. It’s going on with the Republicans packing the court now,” Biden told reporters on Saturday.

“It’s not constitutional what they’re doing,” Biden added as he was preparing to to campaign in Pennsylvania.

“The fact is that the only packing going on is this court is being packed now by the Republicans after the vote has already begun,” said Biden. “I’m going to stay focused on it so we don’t take our eyes off the ball here.”

Everything Biden said is patently false.

Filling a vacant Supreme Court seat is not packing the court.

The Democrats are the party openly calling for expanding the number of Supreme Court seats should Biden win the election, even if Biden himself won’t admit it.

Furthermore, according to Article II, Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution, President Trump has every right to fill a vacant SCOTUS seat and the Senate may vote to confirm.

Biden either doesn’t know what he’s talking about, or is downright lying.

Either way, it explains a lot about Sleepy Joe.

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