Biden Says He Was Vice President During the Parkland Shooting Which Occurred Two Years After He Left Office [Updated, With Video]

The latest gaffe by the Democratic presidential front-runner

Image Credits: Alex Wong/Getty Images.

Yikes, he creates a completely mythical scenario of them visiting him but Congress avoiding the kids.

Via Bloomberg:

Joe Biden said he was vice president when the deadly high school shooting in Parkland, Florida, took place. Except, it happened in 2018, two years after he left office — the latest gaffe by the Democratic presidential front-runner.

Biden told reporters in Iowa on Saturday that “those kids in Parkland came up to see me when I was vice president.” But when they visited Capitol Hill to talk with members of Congress, lawmakers were “basically cowering, not wanting to see them. They did not want to face it on camera.”

The former vice president was making a point about the changing conversation around gun violence in this country, and how as more and more ordinary people are touched by mass shootings, they are more likely to call for action.

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