Biden Staffer Shares CCP-Linked ‘Dark Brandon’ Meme With Nazi Imagery

Biden administration follows lead of Chinese Communist Party attempts to co-opt pro-Trump "Dark MAGA" meme with disastrous results.

Image Credits: twitter/@AndrewJBates46.

A staffer for Joe Biden shared a cringe-inducing pro-Biden meme complete with Nazi symbolism on Monday.

White House Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates shared a coopted version of the “Dark MAGA” meme, featuring a bearded and eyepatch-clad Joe Biden in front of a “Batman: Dark Knight Rises” backdrop with the tagline, “The Malarky Will End.”

Only instead of showing a Batman logo, the meme features the Reichsadler (Imperial Eagle), a prominent Nazi symbol.


On top of that, it appears the Biden administration stole the cringeworthy “Dark Brandon” meme from Chinese propaganda, and the legacy media is running with it.

Donald Trump Jr. noted the mainstream media would have been tripping over themselves for weeks covering this flub if a Trump staffer had tweeted the meme out.

“So Biden’s Deputy White House Press Secretary, @Andrewjbates46, is posting literal Nazi memes on Twitter and our corrupt media is completely silent about it. I’m sure that if this was a Trump WH staffer, the media would treat it the exact same way and totally ignore it,” Trump Jr. tweeted.

As previously mentioned, the “Dark Brandon” meme is a poor derivative of the “Dark MAGA” meme, which depicts former President Donald Trump as a hardened and more unhinged version of himself with an edgy dark aesthetic.

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Just to recap, the White House is disseminating memes with Nazi imagery derived from the Chinese Communist Party.

Admittedly, that does seem on brand for the Brandon administration.

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