Biden Trying to Start War, Considers Deploying Troops to Ukraine – Live Shows 1/24/22

The US has ordered families of diplomats to “immediately” leave Ukraine, as Biden weighs deploying thousands of troops to Eastern Europe.

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Alex Jones Show: Humanity Is Carrying Out Its Own Great Reset Against Planet’s Corrupt Elite

  • Populist movements worldwide have done an excellent job of exposing the NWO corporate kleptocrats and their divide & conquer agenda! The corporate Deep State’s attempt to consolidate power via a controlled collapse has backfired and they are now a victim of their own evil designs!
  • But the bad news is, like every tyrant & corrupt system in history, they are attempting to take us down with them! Tune in NOW to learn how to stop them!

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The American Journal: Biden Trying to Start War, May Deploy Troops to Ukraine

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