Biden Warns ‘Blank Check’ To Ukraine Will Continue If GOP Retakes Congress: ‘It’s About NATO’

Puppet president says GOP leader McCarthy 'uninformed’ for suggesting monetary support for Ukraine will stop once Republicans retake power.

Image Credits: screenshot/MSNBC.

Joe Biden pushed back against claims by GOP leader Kevin McCarthy (Calif.) that the United States’ “blank check” policy to Ukraine will stop if Republicans take control of Congress after the midterms, calling him “uninformed.”

When asked in an MSNBC interview on Friday for a response to McCarthy’s claims that the U.S. would no longer write a “blank check” to Ukraine if Republicans retake the majorities in Congress, Biden responded that he was mistaken.

“Given what Leader McCarthy said, should he even be speaker?” asked host Jonathan Capehart.

“Well, look, I can understand somebody having that view who’s uninformed, and believe it, because it costs so much money to help them,” Biden replied.

“We’re spending a lot of money helping the Ukrainians, but it’s so much more than the Ukrainians. It’s about NATO. It’s about Western Europe,” he admitted. “It’s about making sure that Putin is not able to succeed in the way that he is using the brutality of his activities.”

Biden went on to claim that McCarthy is only interested in “power” or is simply driven by “lack of knowledge.”

“And I think that — I just think it’s about, again, this notion of power and either lack of knowledge or power, one of the two is the driving force, maybe both,” he said.

This comes just days after the Biden regime vowed to send another $725 million in military aid to Ukraine on top of the $65 billion already shipped to the corrupt Eastern European country since the start of its conflict with Russia in February.

McCarthy’s remarks reflect a growing concern among the American people who are beginning to question the need for massive federal spending abroad at a time of record-high inflation at domestically.

Biden’s own admission that supporting NATO was the top priority behind defending Ukraine is notable given NATO’s entanglement with Ukraine is precisely why Russian President Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine in the first place.