Biden’s Border: Eighteen-Wheelers Unloading Migrants & Drugs, ‘Cartels Having a Field Day’

"There's no one watching!" a smuggler says.

Image Credits: PAUL RATJE/AFP via Getty Images.

Three months after Joe Biden essentially opened up the southern U.S. border upon capturing the White House, reports of wanton lawlessness and criminal activity have reached unprecedented levels.

Customs and Border Patrol agents told the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) that police chases of immigrant and drug smuggling vehicles are now commonplace in towns further inland for the first time.

“It’s never been this busy,” one agent who has worked in the Van Horn Station Area for over ten years told CIS. “I’ve never seen 18-wheelers out on the levy on the Mexican side like this, filled with God-only-knows what. It was predicted before the new administration came in, and it happened. Now the cartels are having a field day.”

Another agent explained that the word is now out that America’s borders are open, so smugglers are overwhelming CBP agents with massive numbers of migrants.

“They’re just bum-rushing the border. Probably three-quarters of them are getting away,” one said. “It’s like each station is only allotted a certain number of agents hired and, even if we had the maximum, it’s not enough to stop the groups. They know we’re overwhelmed and the word has gotten out. As long as they send a giant amount of people out, they’ll get through.”

One smuggler for the ultra-violent La Linea cartel, calling himself “Jose Antonio”, bragged to CIS that business has never been so good for him.

“They come in from all over Central America, Haiti, Africa, Indonesia, and from all over South America,” Antonio explained. “They just keep coming and keep coming and keep coming.”

“There’s no one watching” on the American side, he added.

Homesteaders Miguel Soto and Ray Whetstone, who live near the border, say the foot traffic has exploded since Biden’s coronation.

“There’s no border. There’s no wall,” Soto said. “They’ll come across, you know, but the problem to us is that some could be armed.”

“Since the election, there’s lots of traffic coming through,” Whetstone said. “There’s just more, a lot more.”

This disturbing report comes after Project Veritas leaked an internal Department of Homeland Security (DHS) report showing that several suspected Yemeni terrorists illegally crossed the southern U.S. border and were arrested in California.

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Project Veritas released a new video today featuring leaked Department of Homeland Security documents that showed how the U.S. government tracked a suspected Yemeni terrorist by the name of Al-Bokari.